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Bomberland is a multi-agent AI competition inspired by Bomberman.

Program intelligent agents using strategies from tree search to deep reinforcement learning. Compete in a 2D grid world collecting power-ups and placing explosives to take your opponent down.

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Explore any strategy. Try any novel algorithm. From tree search to deep reinforcement learning.

Use any language, framework, or library.
Forward model simulator for machine learning agents.

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Bomberland is an unsolved environment requiring real-time decision-making, and navigating both adversarial and cooperative play. Join a community of professionals and hobbyists exploring new technologies to solve a new challenge for machine learning.

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Compete online in weekly competitions against professionals and hobbyists around the globe. Win prizes, prestige, and get featured on live Twitch streams.

Season 1

December 2021
Join the Bomberland AI Challenge! Meet the community, submit your agent to compete against others, and climb the leaderboard.


March 2022
Top 8 teams qualify for the final tournament livestream. Prizes for top teams include $1K+ in cash and special merchandise.


Continue competing to earn rewards and rise up the leaderboard. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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Tackle the world's most exciting artificial intelligence challenges with the community.
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