Win $5K+ in prizes and giveaways

A fun and exciting AIĀ programming tournament open to all. Compete against teams across the globe by programming your own bot to play in an online multiplayer AIĀ game.

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What's the AIĀ Sports Challenge?

The AIĀ Sports Challenge is a free online AIĀ programming tournament for engineers of all levels with an interest in artificial intelligence. Teams across the globe program their own bot capable of autonomously competing in an AI multiplayer game for a chance to win prizes, job opportunities, and of course, bragging rights.

The Game

You'll be tasked with programming a bot to play our original AI multiplayer game, 'Dungeons and Data Structures'. This is a 2-player Bomberman-like game where your objective is to take down your opponent and be the last bot standing.

You can check out the previous version below. (The new version will feature entirely new gameplay and an elevated level of competition!)
Visit the Repo ā†’

What participants are saying

Here's just some of the feedback from our last AIĀ Sports Challenge:
"Some of the most fun Iā€™ve had in a while. Itā€™s been insanely difficult to find hackathons of this quality and calibre"
"We actually cheered when our bot was making wins and we dreamed of being in the finals."
"Itā€™s incredibly rare to see a challenge with the same level of production quality as what you had. It really set you apart."


Dates are subject to change. All dates are in AEST.
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Free to participate. Sign up as an individual or team, and join our pre-event festivities on our Discord community.
22 APRIL - 2 MAY
Tournament kicks off with an opening ceremony. Teams are provided with resources and time to program their bots.
3 MAY - 7 MAY
The top teams from the qualifiers stage are given an extra week to power-up their bot before the finale play-offs.
It all ends here!Ā The top bots fight it out for the title of AIĀ Sports Champion. Streamed live on Twitch.


Who can participate? How difficult will it be?


The challenge is free and open to any individuals around the globe. We'll help you get started with a step-by-step tutorial and all the resources you'll need to create your very first bot. From there, we welcome you to use any tools at your arsenal to improve your bot before play-offs!

How will the prize pool be distributed?


The cash prize pool ($5000 AUD) will be distributed amongst the top 8 teams, with higher-ranking teams taking a larger cut. There will also be community MVP prizes and giveaways just for getting involved.

What programming language can IĀ use?


In a nutshell, anything that runs in a Linux docker container will work. The game communicates over websockets, so you'll be able to use any language as long as you are able to implement the communication layer in your language of choice. We'll be providing starter templates for both Python and TypeScript.

Do I need to know AI/ML?


No, this challenge is all about your programming and problem solving skills. We've found previous submissions to be a mix of algorithmic as well as AI/ML-based approaches. But if you've already got some skills in AI/MLĀ and think you can apply them in this challenge - go ahead!

Do IĀ need a team?


We generally use the word 'team' to mean any 1 - 5 participants entering the tournament together. While we encourage you to team up with others, you absolutely can be a superstar and join the tournament on your own. All prizes are split between the team. Once you join the community Discord group, you can use the 'looking-for-team' channel to find other people who want to team up.

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